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Just started this site…but here’s some reading material to get you started

Whether or not one vehemently believes that computers are social actors (see Nass et al), the possibility of them being able to persuade a person to change an attitude or behavior (Fogg, 1998) is not at all farfetched. Various forms of media and advertising have changed users behaviors since the dawn of persuasive communication. Computers as Persuasive Technology, or CAPTOLOGY as identified by some researchers (Fogg), is the exploration of how computers can be designed and implemented to persuade individuals, or even groups, to change their attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. While there is little doubt about the persuasive uses of computers, the questions of theory should attempt to understand a variety of points about this new field of inquiry. While Fogg and others have defined a variety of realms for exploration pertaining to CAPTOLOGY, one focus point was left out. We should determine, and explore the similarities and differences of CAPTOLOGY as compared to previous forms of persuasive media (e.g. radio, TV, print). A focused comparison and contrast at this level will ensure validity in our research and theoretical development.

The purpose of this blog is to post my thoughts and writings about persuasive technology. I will update the about me section soon so you can understand my perspective and background.

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